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What is it about evil film villains that makes them so irresistibly sexy? Is it their intimidating persona? Their commanding presence? Their wardrobe of black leather gloves and riding boots? God only knows why we're addicted to the bad guys, and heaven help us... we love them all.

Zee rules:

1. Please do us all the courtesy of an LJ cut (see the FAQ section in the Help menu for instructions) when posting anything pornographic or huge, or when posting more than two pics in a single post.

2. When posting images, try to stick to images of your favorite actor/actress portraying a villain. This community is for villains, after all. :)

3. Posting links to your community is fine n' dandy by us... if they're somehow related to villains or movies/novels/plays that contain obvious villains. Advertising anything off-topic is spam and will be deleted.

Thanks and have fun!
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